People from 70 countries imitate the sounds cats and dogs make


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If you thought that video needed some animation and earworm-type music (tho sadly, this series doesn’t cover all the nations in the Conde Nast clip):




I’ve been interested to see that the Ratel kit has decided to emulate dog and cat sounds based on what he’s heard from the animals, rather than received onomatopoeia.


David Sedaris wrote a pretty funny bit about how he breaks the ice when traveling by asking the person to make the sound a rooster makes. A Spanish cab driver gamely responds with “coco-rico!” and side-eyes Sedaris with incredulity when he offers “cock-a-doodle-doo!”


I loved this. I love all these people, and I love all of you.

Let’s do it again with fox sounds.


ring ding dingading?


“Do you know the sound a shellfish makes when you’re lying to it?”


Actually the Indian dog sound is wrong. The girl in the video demonstrated the Hindi word for “(he) barks” (bhaunkta).
Indians say a dog goes “bhow bhow”.

The cat meaow seems pretty universal though.


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