People throwing pennies changed the color of a Yellowstone hot spring



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This is nothing but pointy-headed scientists being arrogant.

Man can’t change the color of a Yellowstone hot spring, only God can change the color of a Yellowstone hot spring!


pointy headed! lol


This is why we can’t have nice things.


Oh we can have them; they just don’t stay nice for very long.


I’m going to offer a thoughtful, carefully reasoned response to this…


Then, acting slightly hipster-ish/elitism, I am glad I got the opportunity to see the spring in all it’s glory.

And earth is not going to be a nice place very long. sigh

In the 1880s, members of the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition discovered that clothes placed inside the crater became totally clean once ejected by Old Faithful. They found that linen and cotton washed just fine, but wool clothes were shredded by the geyser.


I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this weekend, where the American Wing was recently renovated, changing the new fountains, it’s very nice. I walked past a mom that was giving her children some change to throw into the fountain to make a wish.

One of them literally hit the sign that said “Please, no coins”


Notes only?

The cost of wishes is going up.


Coins go in, color comes out. You can’t explain that.


I mean, I threw in a coin too, but only to wish for a bigger sign that people might read.


I like the new colors better, good job litterbugs!

Though the blue is nice too, can we install valves to change the colors on a monthly rotation?


You can post a sign, but you can’t make 'em read.


Yeah, this is, like, making in/with an environmental medium.
Art, you know?


Wasn’t there a story here a couple of weeks ago about this? I can’t seem to find it. (Maybe I’m getting it confused with another news site?)


In 1950 the water level was lowered by siphoning which induced the pool to erupt. Socks, bath towels, 76 handkerchiefs, $86.27 in pennies, $8.10 in other coins came up; in all, 112 different objects were removed from Morning Glory.

And that was in 1950’s money! I’m sure we could make some real cash today!

How about first do the siphoning and get the crap out with the eruption and then send in a diver with special hot diving suit to clear out stuff or a robot drone with grappling hooks to attach to and then pull it out?



Damn! You beat me to it.


What’s the North American obsession with throwing coins into ponds, fountains, pools, etc? I had never experienced it before coming over here.

I’d heard the “3 coins in a fountain” song, but never actually seen it in action. Every murky pond in a mall in the US and Canada is filled with coins. I’d love to know the history behind it, if anyone knows.