People who are annoyed by unorthodox platters


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I am a huge fan of drinking from a mason jar…no idea why. Most of us do not consider it an odd drink container these days, my 75 yr old father however was dumbfounded. He truly could not understand why I was drinking ice tea from a mason jar. And it was irritating the shit out of him one day.

never laughed so hard in my life.

As for plating (I am a home chef/foodie…so I get creative some times), I’ve used pieces of granite and slate before. cutting board or wood is always nice. Chargers are awesome for a large plating surface. That is probably as whacky as I personally get.


Some very creative


I don’t consider it odd, just very pretentious, like these locally-sourced hipster “Southern” restaurants that charge at least $30/plate.


you consider a $30 plate in a restaurant pretentious?


Unorthodox you say?


Yeesh. My partner gives me a hard time for serving soup in very large mugs instead of bowls. If I tried to serve dinner on a shovel head, I think he’d pop an artery.

As long as they are sanitary, I guess I don’t care. But some of the items don’t look like they are.


It was a twitter account first!

And they have merch!

Mainly I feel sorry for the poor wait staff that have to carry around honking giant pieces of rock.


Kind of, considering the quality of the food.

I can make it myself, and better, for much cheaper, and it will be actual comfort food.


So this is the pu-pu platter I keep hearing about…


I have lots of different feels. But this one is my legit favorite.


There’s a song as well

From john Finnemore’s Souvenier Programme


ok. I guess some clarification is needed there. Living in the northeast, most decent restaurants will be $30+ for a plate of food. And yes sometimes the style is a southern charm type dish. braised pork belly with greens being a good example.

I’ve never cared what my food was served on, so long as it does not distract from the meal, and the food is good.


Yes, most decent restaurants will be, and even that will be overpriced. This isn’t decent food though. It’s stuff I could make myself, but 1) better, 2) more authentic, and 3) for a small fraction of the cost.


I favour the hollowed out skulls of my enemies.


I’ve known for a long time that I live in an economically depressed part of the country, where the cost of living is low, but I didn’t realize how different it is. (Or else, I have a more forgiving definition of decent?) $30+ for a meal for one person is something I would do once a year, on a birthday or anniversary, maybe.


Not $30 per meal, $30 per plate. Doesn’t include drinks, appetizers, or dessert. Just your one little sliver of chicken and fruity splooge and tiny dandelion garnish. A full dinner for two would run $200 with tip.


Who needs plates?

BTW: For some truly amazing food plating and other blow your mind culinary creations check out ‘Chef’sTable’ on Netflix.


In Toronto a twenty dollar bill is known as a “yuppie lunch coupon” - cuz thats what lunch costs down town.

$30 per person for a whole meal? Not in Toronto not for “decent”, not unless you went “ethnic”.


Those carrots were not ready to pulled.