Perhaps an ethereal hillside harpist can bring some peace

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I misread the headline as “Hillside Rapist”. I guess 2020 is getting to me.

They caught him. The Hillside Harpist, however, remains at large to menace us.


Can confirm, playing the harp can definitely bring peace. My with is a harpist and certified therapeutic musician, and we’ve been taking harp hikes for about a year and a half. She posts them on her youtube channel, The Hiking Harpist (not monetized, in case that matters), if anyone is curious. This year, we’ve kept hiking but without the harp (don’t want to draw crowds during the pandemic), so instead she’s been putting her nature photos and videos to harp music after the fact in “harpscapes” on her website.

I hope I’m not violating any BB rules by linking to those. I don’t think I am, and in any case it’s all available for free.


That was really lovely! Very much my vibe.

I’m glad you liked it! She also has a less nature-focused youtube channel, Harp and Wellness, with a similar vibe.

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