Pesco: "Just Say Know... A Cyberdelic History of the Future"




Great talk! Another counter-culture tech-influence is in the form of an easter egg still installed by default in most linux distributions today:


Surprisingly coherent for someone who’s on LSD.


Whoa!!! I had no idea. That’s fantastic. Thanks a lot.


Thought it might be worth mentioning here, Daisy Eris Campbell, Ken Campbell’s daughter, is presently working on a production of Cosmic Trigger. That would fit somewhere at various intersection points in your mini-history, and into the future.

Since you mentioned meeting Leary, I am going to namedrop and say I met Ken Kesey and collaborated on a painting with him called Dreamer of The Storm.


Wow, I hope the Cosmic Trigger play finally happens!


If psychedelics inspire art

and if psychedelic artwork can inspire magical bike rides

then is “weird twitter” a crowdsourced psychedelic artwork?


Insta Solution For Graphics Designer!


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