Pete Best, the Beatles' original drummer, still doesn't know why he was fired


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Because Ringo was cooler and cuter, and it’s show business.


Wasn’t that John Lennon’s other band?


How is “I still don’t know a thing I didn’t know fifty years ago” news?


They could see that you didn’t have enough initiative to even ask “why are you firing me?”. The rest were a bit tougher than that.




From what I understand, he wasn’t very good, the producers and engineers trying to make a record with the Beatles pointed it out, Beatles decided they wanted a record, and canned him, no…?

He doesn’t need to call the other Beatles, just read a book or two about the Beatles…

My guess as to why he didn’t ask is that he probably didn’t think anything would come of the Beatles at the time.


A read of:** When They Were Boys: The True Story of the Beatles’ Rise to the Top** seems to give the answer.
Best was too good looking and the others did not like him getting all the attention.


I missed that part where I said this was news.


I couldn’t. But I’m guessing Pete Best probably could, if he wanted to.


He should at least give it his best shot.


[quote=“GrymRpr, post:8, topic:64557”]Best was too good looking and the others did not like him getting all the attention.[/quote]So, you might even say he was the Best-looking.

(oh someone had to do it)


Doesn’t seem that plausible to me but maybe he was more of the times? He’s got a bit of the Elvis bad boy look to him.


Well, a quote from the book then:
But the evidence is growing that Best, the most popular Beatle in the early days, was sacked because of his good looks. An episode in Manchester stands out: Pete was accidentally lacerated by a wild fan trying to take scissors and get a piece of his shirt. Frightened, Pete returned to the tour bus, where he was lectured for “showing up the boys.” Two months later, under pressure from Paul and George Harrison, Pete was out. Ringo was in.


Honestly, anyone who has ever heard the Decca audition tapes or Tony Sheridan sessions know the real reason he was sacked. He was a really awful drummer.


How is florida man does stupid thing news?


the answer


'Cos I like the song okay?


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