Vevo is publishing great Beatles videos on YouTube

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So Lennon sang both the “out” and the “in” on Revolution #1? The rumor when I was a teen is that he was the mad bomber, and the other Beatles were peace-loving hippies. Now I am confused.

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Holy crap, WTF keeping Billy Preston off camera in Don’t Let Me Down.

I watched that with a frozen look of horror on my face.

Seriously? You never saw Let It Be?


Revolution had “count me out” and Revolution #1 had “count me in”, if I recall correctly.

A book I read years ago said that John wasn’t actually sure how he felt about the whole uprising stuff happening then so he basically hedged his bets.

If you frequent Beatlefest (sorry, “The Fest for Beatle Fans”), you’d have seen most of these in circulation among traders for years (primarily via the “Watching Rainbows” collections). But agreed, it’s great to finally have them in such pristine quality.

I remember seeing the “Hello, Goodbye” film as an intermission piece at (of all places) a drive-in theater in the summer of ‘68. My siblings and I pretty much squealed with delight when the song started and we saw the Beatles IN THEIR FREAKIN’ SGT. PEPPER UNIFORMS, and I recall that my sisters nearly passed out when Ringo started in on the “head-shake” thing.

I would be interested to know about other places where Fellow Mutants might have seen these films (in film form) when they were first released.


The version on the White Album, Revolution #1, actually says “you can count me out” immediately followed by “in,” so in that version, he basically says both.

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Only 8 comments after 2 days? Has Beatlemania finally died? (Eyes beginning to fill)

Speaking as someone who was 15 yrs old in 1963 and knocked sideways by their joyful entry into my adolescent world of existential misery I am going to enter a darkened room and watch the Beatles #1 blu-ray and weep for my lost youth and the possibility that Justin Bieber will be this year’s UK Christmas #1 record. (Ha! I said ‘record!’ Oh the bitter irony!)

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