Sunset Strip's rock billboards (and more proof that Paul McCartney is dead)


I am the walrus.

I’m sure the kids just heard the urban myth wrong, they thought it was “Paul’s head”, not “Paul is dead.”

I believe in John Lennon who stated in from of ABC News, CBS News, NBC News that Paul McCartney was alive in 1969.

When I was somewhere between sixth and seventh grade, about the time Sgt Pepper came out, my older sisters (possibly all three of them, and their friends) were convinced that there were clues on the LPs which, when properly decoded, would tell the eager believer where and when to wait. For what? For a helicopter to show up and take them to some wonderful island that the Beatles had, on a (wait for it) magical mystery tour.

Clues included the day/date stuff in “A Day in the Life,” and the very name “Magical Mystery Tour,” and various others that were soon recycled into death clues.

It was all done to distract people from the fact that Ringo was actually a performing bear, made to drum for long hours in direct contravention of animal cruelty laws. No shit! My cousin knew his driver’s hairdresser.

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