The New York Post's punny cover about Paul McCartney and John Lennon's circle jerk


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I remember seeing this tacky little gem on Liquid Television way back in the day:





Are you psychic?


Came here for this…


Does the article explain WTF is going on with this?


National Lampoon said it in 1977. And I bet they weren’t the first:


I guess there are only so many masturbating Beatles jokes to go around. (And we’re gonna hear ALL of them)


How about a masturbating Wings joke, no lyric change necessary?

You gave me something
I understand
You gave me loving in the palm of my hand


PJ O’Rourke, right?



Dammit! I glanced at this in my local bodega and thought “Naw, it didn’t say Beat the Meatles on the cover, no way.” I totally would have bought a copy of this schlock.



Dammit, Paul.

Welcome, new comrade…


Isn’t this what EVERYBODY called the album, two seconds after seeing the title?


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