John Lennon singing Paul McCartney's "Let It Be"

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Scrub to about 3mins 30secs in the video to avoid the interminable fanboy talking heads.

Hint: it’s not worth even that small amount of effort. And I say that very much as a Beatles fan.


Years ago, a local radio station ran a bit about “Lost Beatles tapes” it was like:
hiss ~ ~ ~ Where’s John? ~ ~ ~ hiss ~ ~ ~ I dunno ~ ~ ~ hiss ~ ~ ~ He’s late ~ ~ ~ hiss ~ ~ ~ I know

Was that two different guys?

It is rough. And almost unlistenable.


Yeah, definitely pretty bad.

I always thought that the “mother Mary” referred to in the song was Mary Magdalene. Turns out it was Paul’s own mother Mary, who died when he was only 14.

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I thought it was a fun curiosity. I used to spend an inordinate amount of time tracking down and listening to rare recordings and am familiar with the quality of a lot of the Beatles Let it Be rehearsal audio, so it was cool to hear this segment cleaned up.

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