Pete Buttigieg's prizewinning high-school essay praising Bernie Sanders: "the power to win back the faith of a voting public weary and wary of political opportunism"

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I miss the days when you could say “bipartisanship” and it still had a wee bit of meaning.

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Obviously someone can change a lot from high school to their 30s, but one of the things that gnaws at me about Mayor Pete (other than the whole “friend to billionaires” thing) is the sense that he’s something of a political opportunist: the feeling that the change in position from the time of this writing is not due to a change in fundamental belief but a deliberate and calculated one done out of political expediency.


This is only further proof to me that Bernie would make an excellent president.

I really want Warren to win, because I feel that she could get more done and I like the idea of the first woman president beating the first asshole who kept a woman from becoming the first female president from being elected because of his incredible ignorance and misogyny.

If Bernie gets in, I will be overjoyed though. The essay is spot-on.

Damnnit Bernie! Elizabeth! JOIN FORCES like Yoda and Skywalker and you would be unstoppable!


Quite frankly, the dotted lines between Zuckerberg and Buttigieg give me the willies.


It might have been a great essay, but what’s more material I think is that a person who’s of an age where they might survive two terms of presidency, wrote an essay about Sanders’ political career when they were in high school.

Sanders has had a great political career. I wish him success and happiness for the rest of his life, however much of it he chooses to spend in active politics or retirement. But he’s 78 years old.

If Warren gets two terms as president, she’d be retiring at Sanders’ current age. I think she’s borderline too old for the job herself, and Sanders was probably too old for a first term in 2016.


It’s kind of interesting when the only candidate making sense is the old guy in the room pounding his fist and saying fuck the rich.

We are reaching what I call peak “let them eat cake” and we all know how well that went.

This is Orwellian, dystopian.

How much of an arrogant asshole do need to be to have that much wealth. How do you live with yourself, how do you sleep?
How do you pass homeless people on the streets and not be moved.

This trump appointed idiot Betsy DeVos is a classic example.


If get rich on the back of America you should be taxed progressively at some point.

If you don’t at some point the hungry hoard will be at your gate.


Forty years from now, a 77 year old Pete Buttigieg will be campaigning for presidency and one of his young opponents in the primary will show people the dope tweets he wrote about Mayor Pete back in the day.

[Of course that timeline doesn’t work because the young opponent has yet to be born, but a joke’s a joke… and that was surely almost one.]

A high school student today can write about AOC’s career and then run for president in 2040.

If AOC won the 2040 Presidential Election, she would be older than only 13 of our past 44 presidents to date.


“the power to win back the faith of a voting public weary and wary of political opportunism”

The more I get to know Mayor Pete, the less I like…


At this point it would be a pretty short essay.


The parties are apparently still united (along with the rest of humanity) in their hatred of robocalls, so I guess that counts for something?


Many of the “establishment” democrats in office today started as progressive upstarts(*). As you continue in office a variety of things happen: things you fought for become normalized, and people forget how radical they were in the day; you compromise to get things passed, since that’s a legislator’s job, but then develop a track record of things people can point at to question your ideology; you are in an executive job, like governor or mayor, with a genuinely fixed budget and daily decisions with immediate impact and pushback from other government branches.

Bernie is a rarity in this regard, but I think his impact on the national conversation has been much greater through his two runs for president than in his entire political career before that.

(*) I’m not including Biden here, he was always at best a party centrist.

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At his current rate, Mayor Pete will be a Monarchist by the time he’s 60.


I gather from some of these discussions that some people think he’s there already.

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