Warren's fundraising surges

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$1 million more than Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders raised

Not that much more than Sanders has raised, considering he was much stronger in the past periods that she has just topped. Rather it sounds like she is starting to catch up. No matter, I’d be happy with either, but Sanders started this and I’ll vote for him in the primary.


Mass. resident here.

Warren is a fine senator who I’ve voted for. But I don’t want to see her, Biden, or Bernie on the next presidential ticket or we’ll have four more years of Trump. Kamala is our best hope IMHO.


Oh no, I have to scrape the Bernie sticker off the truck, and get a Warren sticker. Life is hard…


Union made - built to last (and stick)


That’s a bold statement. On what do you base it?

Can we be honest for a moment and admit that this kind of political calculus is unhelpful? You can come up with reasons why any particular candidate is or is not a good idea, based on what you personally perceive to be potential electability. Is it an advantage or disadvantage for a candidate to be African-American? Is it an advantage or disadvantage for a candidate to be female? Is it an advantage or disadvantage for a candidate to be clearly Progressive? Is it an advantage or disadvantage for a candidate to be a while male over the age of 70?

What matters, though, is how the public votes in the primaries. Now, if the DNC will stop allowing its wealthy donors to dictate the conditions under which primary voting occurs…


Not in their lifetime.

Have you considered putting your clairvoyance to good use?


According to a recent poll, age matters in that people are less likely to vote for a candidate over 70. And perfectly OK voting for a gay man. Previous polls have shown that Democratic voters are OK with the notion of a female president, as well as a non-white president. So if they would actually turn up on Election Day, having voted their actual preference, there’s no reason to assume that any given candidate would lose.


I think he’d be a good VP.

Warren/Sanders 2020!


Calculus? Just opinion, as I read it. Let @longtimelurker have an opinion.

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Any of these stand a chance, at least judging by early polling. Including Donald’s own campaign polling. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Donald’s not really very popular.

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I would pay a months salary for front row seats to see her inauguration and her telling Trump to get his shit out of the whitehouse by noon the next day


%30 of the country will turn out to vote for him. Previous statistics show that we need to get everyone to the polls or we’re screwed.

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Yes, true. But that doesn’t mean only one candidate will make that happen. Getting 30% is not enough to win.

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Less than %60 of the US population voted in 2016. If Trump can turn out all of his rabid, racist fanatics, then %30 would be enough to win.

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