Peter Doocy didn't stand a chance today with Karine Jean-Pierre's toddler-training tactic (video)

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The correct answer that conservatives will never accept: “It is legal to come here and ask for asylum. Most of those 10,000 are NOT illegal border crossings.” Also, Congress has been punting on immigration reform for 40+ years. You can’t put this on any one President or any one party. The truth is, most conservatives are perfectly fine with this migration because it means cheap, exploitable labor. So they’re just using it to score political points. They don’t actually want anything to change.


That would be so great! Not the left, not the right, but everybody would lose their shit for her telling the truth!


The last best chance for sensible immigration reform came from (chokes back vomit) George W Bush. His own caucus crushed it. Live with the consequences of your own decisions, ya buncha buttholes.

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Immigrants pay over 10 billion in payroll taxes but receive very little federal benefits, and only half the states offer even limited social benefits.

The US relies on this cheap and overtaxed labor force while our politicians squabble unnecessarily about walls.


Yep. And they also pay sales taxes on the goods they buy. The idea that they are somehow freeloaders is nonsense.


That is VERY true. A little story…

I’m a tax professional and I had a client get audited, so I scooped up all our documentation and went to the IRS office to see what was going on. The auditor thought he had my client dead to rights as he laid down a pair of W-2s that had not been listed on the return. He was using the undeclared income as a reason to open things further into my client’s self-employment.

When I pointed out that my client was a drummer in Las Vegas and not a landscaper in LA, the auditor took another look at those W-2s and sighed. I then joking asked if we claimed those W-2s if we would be able to get the withholding refunded as my client actually had a Net Operating Loss carrying forward. The auditor swept the W-2s back up and explained that, since my client hadn’t paid the withholding, they weren’t eligible for the funds.

Now, that is totally fair. Someone else worked the hours, paid the withholding, and was probably due at least a small tax refund that they will never get. Cheap labor is loved by management and overpayment of income taxes is loved by the government.

In July, approximately $1.5B in unclaimed refunds were set to expire and default to the government. While it is unlikely that ALL of that is due to undocumented workers, it is safe to say that at least a large chunk of it is. Our politicians know this, and will never do anything about it. Hell, just the process of getting a Tax ID number for a non-citizen can be a major pain. You’d think that it would be relatively easy for people who have jumped through all of the other unnecessarily difficult hoops but… alas.


Beyond just taxes, they contribute - in a MAJOR WAY - to the US economy. Calling it “nonsense” is being too kind.


He also obsessively built out our pandemic response architecture. He was terrified of what disease could do if it spread.

They really love to squander their legislative inheritance.


W. Now merely the second worst president of all time!

Hang on a second, I think Jackson is at the door. I’ll see what he wants.


While you’re at it, see if you can’t manage to get a quote regarding his portrait in the oval office under 45.

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i don’t know. andrew johnson also has a lot of explaining to do. even the devil’s not letting johnson in through the door


I’d rather see her spray him in the face with a spray bottle like a yipping dog…

He certainly did walk as much as one could on the edge of what would “fly” with conservatives on the national level. As far as Texans during W’s time (I’m fuzzy on the exact numbers), the majority seemed okay with immigration, although border security would have been another matter.

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I may be misremembering, but I believe polling showed wide, bipartisan support everywhere except for congress. Seems to be a theme the past few decades.

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