Peter & Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths


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Peter & Ernesto have a good life: the two sloths sit in their Amazon treetop and make up songs about the animal shapes they see in the clouds. But one day, Ernesto gets it into his head to see the whole sky, from every place on Earth, and sets out through the jungle.


Look before you leap, but he who hesitates is lost.


I could climb the very highest Himalayas,
Be among the greatest ever tennis players,
Win at chess or marry a princess or
Study hard and be an eminent professor.
I could be a millionaire, play the clarinet,
Travel everywhere,
Learn to cook, catch a crook,
Win a war then write a book about it.
I could paint a Mona Lisa,
I could be another Caesar.
Compose an oratorio that was sublime.
The door’s not shut on my genius but
I just don’t have the time!

– Flanders and Swann: The Sloth




SLOTHS! Let’s tell Kristen Bell! She has the best response to sloths!




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