Baby cat/sloth hybrids


Somebody call Maggie and tell her we need her more than Harvard does.


I want some battens – bat/kitten hybrids.

Edit: some sort of corollary to rule 34 – if you think of it, somebody has already 'shopped it:


Dogs and cats are at least the same taxonomical order of Carnivora, making successful interbreeding only incredibly unlikely - it’s still at least barely plausible, being theoretically possible under potential conditions.

Sloths are members of the Pilosa order, in the superorder Xenarthra - meaning you have to be both supremely gullible AND ignorant of taxonomy to fall for this. :wink:

I want to believe.

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“Slittens” makes it sound like they’ve recently undergone a series of major incisions.

“Coths” has a much nicer, woodier tone. (or “Koths” for the young)

Dealing with that litter box would be batshit insane.



I’ve been away from Magic far too long. Too many things on that card don’t make any sense to me.

Same for me. Last thing I remember was “Phasing” had been introduced.

Tinny, tinny.


i had a cat that was 100% sloth, unless you didn’t feed him exactly on time, then he’d transform into dr. destructo bringer of terror and remover of fragile things from window ledges.


Wait… who mounts who? I do not think my cat would consider this romantic in the least.

I might be old-fashioned, but I prefer the low-maintenance simplicity of a Bonsai Kitten.


I dunno man, we once had a cat would cheerfully fuck a hairbrush.

Because you didn’t neuter him you noob!

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