”Kitty likes to jump in the sheets when I make the bed”


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Moar plz, tnx


now THOSE are Big Kitty Eyes! O_O


A Clawwork Orange?


I am the Kwisatz Haderach…


I swear my cat comes running when she hears the blanket go whoosh. I’ve never had a cat do this before, it’s much fun!


Possibly the Kittesatz Haderach or the Kwisatz Hadercat


Eyes Wide Meow?


At home we call those crazy eyes. Anything in claw and tooth range will be attacked without mercy.


The now long passed away burmese would do this. The bed was his favorite thing cause well 8+ hours of snuggle time with the humans. He had to ‘help out’ every time clean sheets were put on and would protest loudly if he noticed the sheets coming off.


Furry Lyndon?


I’m trying to think up more Kubrick-cat puns and I’m flailing–none of them are purrfect.


Cats are unable to orient their irises correctly in the absence of gravity, hence the uniform circular dilation without the typical ‘slit’ effect.

If the cat were closer to one of the walls of the ship, its rotation would provide artificial gravity; but as the picture shows it is more or less directly at the axis of rotation, where effective gravity is close to zero.

True facts!


Cats need to evolve gyroscopes for providing inertial reference in absence of gravity.


Pawths of Glory? Flying Pawdre?

It’s just a pity he never finished his planned epic on the life of Napolion.




2001: A Space Ocelot




Full Meowtail Jacket


“My god, it’s full of balls of catnip!”