”Kitty likes to jump in the sheets when I make the bed”


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Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hairballs





At my house, we call this the "Make the Bed Game"TM.


Our kitteh likes to “lump” under the sheet when the weather is cold. It’s quite hilarious to come home and sit down on the bed only to discover the lump next to you wiggling away. It’s so amusing. Another kitteh likes to play like the one pictured when we make up the bed. Fun but inconvenient to the actual task at hand.


Bed making is a two person job at our place because we have to play puff-the-sheet. A person on either side of the bed, a fitted sheet, bring it up and then down, and it puffs up with air. The kitties are underneath, so we lightly drag our fingers on the puffed up sheet for them to chase. According to kitty protocol, the sheet must be puffed at least 3 times before being fitted to the bed.



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