Petition to reassign head of Canada Post to deliver letters at $500k/year

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That is a GREAT idea!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

runs off to sign the petition and to spread the word


It’s funny, but the last few times I’ve given a (tagged) email to petition sites, it’s gotten out to the spammers and political donation-soliciters inside a week.


It seems like every time harper’s name comes up, it’s attached to something horrible and ridiculous.



I’m sad that Canada is having a hard time with their postal system. We ship orders to Canada every day, and so have a decent perspective. Things are getting lost more often, and there seems to be less ability for Canada Post employees to help with lost parcels.

Meanwhile, the USPS can now provide GPS coordinates for a First Class parcel delivery. First Class! Less than five years ago you couldn’t even track a First Class parcel, let alone find the exact mailbox where it was delivered.


That is going to be difficult to do seeing as one of the main ways he has gutted the system is to get rid of a larger number of the letter carriers and drop door to door delivery in as many places as possible for community style mail boxes. He really has been gutting the system, but the liberal have vowed to restore it…this renewal was a last ditch effort by harper’s administration to inflict damage.


Deepak Chopra? The quantum vibrations guy? Somebody gave that loon a government job and they didn’t end up the first against the wall when the revolution came? C’mon, Canada, this is taking that polite Canadian stereotype too far.


Is it really such a chore to walk a block to get your mail? Frankly, I’d cut delivery to one day a week. It’s 2016, mail is hardly an essential service.

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for you maybe no? fortunately the new politicians coming into office are more thoughtful about our lesser abled and elderly citizens as well as the weather conditions much of the year in this very northern climate.

the community boxes actually ended up costing a lot more to implement and run then expected…more then door to door by a large margin…harpers government claimed they would save $80million annually, but canada post went from a $40million annual profit before taxes to a $20million annual loss before taxes. installing and maintaining the boxes is a big expense, as is keeping them clear of snow, and the labor reduction isn’t actually that great, the mail still has to be delivered and sorted every 2 blocks, with keys being sorted for package boxes.

the only place it made any real financial sense was areas where the houses are too far apart for local delivery, the places that have always had community mailboxes. which is why the previous division was done based on what made sense and was split between the two logically based on housing density. the switch was a typical conservative plan, costs the people money, stuffs a few pockets, with the bonus of reducing jobs and failing at great expense to the people and the system. so typical.

I’d be fine with mon/wed/fri service, but that eliminates the concept of overnight and second day post, which is their premium services and the most profitable. before i’d recommend such a switch i’d want to see some actual analysis and numbers to make sure it made sense.

for some maybe. for businesses and others not so much. you can’t assume every person is as enabled and mail free as you are.


Thank goodness there’s somebody to defend the poor Harper government.


Even I’d move to Canada for $500k a year.

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Possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.


Like Mr Harper himself?


We’ve had over a decade of neglect and sabotage to our postal service along with many other public services.


Canada Post needs to be put out of Canada’s misery. Of course you cant just get rid of ‘Canada Post’, so turn it into some regulatory agency that supervises postal delivery services like UPS.

I have lived in areas that have had ‘Super Boxes’ for decades… who cares, people will get over it. Mailmen are not employed to give company to shut in seniors… sorry, it sucks western society doesnt value its seniors, but that is a society problem, not Canada Post’s.

Canada post owns Purolator, a UPS style service. Ditch the current system, anything that needs to be hand delivered can sent by Purolator, or to a Pick-up point like the Canada Post stations in Shoppers Drug Mart. Jack the price of a letter upto $3-5 for delivery to door, $2 for pick up at a store front location, notification of arrival can be by email or auto phone message.

I dont get milk delivered to my door, I dont need flyers delivered by a government employee. Most bills are paperless now, they even charge like $2 for a paper bill, no one sends letters, anything important can be couriered.

* Unless they live in an urban/suburban area that was built within the last 30 years, in which case fuck 'em.

Second greatest.

The greatest was in 2000 when Canadian Alliance (now the Conservative Party, Harper’s crowd) leader Stockwell Day demanded direct democracy - which would have required a referendum on any proposal supported by a petition signed by 3% of Canadian voters.

Comedian Rick Mercer posted an online petition for a referendum to demand that Day change his first name to Doris. It quickly met the 3% requirement.


It’s socialism at work. In America, that is.

The USPS can press charges against companies for undermining the postal system if they use private couriers too much. That would never fly in Canada. The Canadian postal system has to compete.

I think there might have a more recent example too…

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