Au Revoir, Postes Canada/Goodbye Canada Post

home delivery has been canceled.

Canada mail service to scrap all home deliveries

has amazon made other arrangements? Is this the Conservatives being evil?

I’m trying to figure out if this is a new announcement or the same as the one from a while ago. I can’t find any other new news stories talking about it, so I’ll assume it’s the same as before.

It does seem to me like it’s the Conservatives preparing to privatize Canada Post, but I think The Guardian has some details wrong. Rural addresses will still get door to door delivery. Packages stay the same I think too. Some packages are delivered to your door, other packages you get a card telling you to pick it up at the post office.

They’ve also recently jacked up the price of stamps in a way that seems designed to piss people off. The previous price was 63 cents. They raised it to 85 cents, but only if you buy a book of stamps. If you just want one stamp, it’s $1. The newspaper headlines emphasized the $1 part.

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