Pew Research Center: Gens X, Y & Z outvoted the Boomers in midterms


I consider this a very hopeful sign :slight_smile:


I’d like to think so, but let’s not forget that gamergaters and the alt-right are largely made up of millennials, so some subset of them (I don’t know what percentage that would be, but not insignificant, I’d guess), are right wing in orientation. It’s really not a generational thing, especially when it comes to race. There is still a large enough contingent of X, Millennials, and Zs (are they even really of voting age now? I thought they were still in HS?) that might vote on the supposed “racial interests” to make that something worth considering… they do note that this is not the first time that the younger gens voted in larger numbers, with the last time being in 2016, which gave Trump the election…

I’d also bet that people who don’t vote who are boomers would be more likely to vote democratic, but are demoralized about voting in general.


Gens X, Y & Z outvoted the Boomers in midterms

Combined. These three generations still vote at a much lower rate than the older ones.

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