Pfc. Manning's gender transition could set a precedent for US military


Navy SEAL with 20 years in, retired in 2011, began hormonal therapy and came out on LinkedIn in 2013 and wrote a book about it. Amazing that somebody so “administratively unfit” could serve for two decades without the Navy collapsing.

Does “administratively unfit” mean that the administration is unfit to deal with these issues properly?


“Administratively unfit” means that you piss them off somehow but they can’t figure a good reason to get rid of you. I, myself, magically went from 4.0 evals, (perfect), to an overall 1.8 after I got outed as trans. Funny how one morning I was working on F-14A flight controls and by that afternoon I was only fit to swab decks and take out trash. I refused of course. What were they going to do? Throw me out?


Manning is no longer Pfc.

If they’re banning everyone with a “psychosexual condition,” we’re not going to have any military at all.

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