U.S. military ends trans ban


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Remember those guys who were flipping out because they were being called Antitank Gunners?


The TEAGOP’ers are shitting themselves, again.


One of the bright spots of a fairly decent day in my life, then? I’m fine with that.


This is so cool. I have talked to transgender guys in the military. Now they don’t have to worry.


The fact that a couple of the Marines were vocally ambivalent was actually hopeful for me, because that in itself was a declaration. Having been in the military, my experience was that if someone didn’t say homophobic things then they actually were an ally (a young, and scared ally. granted) And a third of the guys joining in aren’t really homophobic, just typical cowardly young boys who literally indentured themselves to physical danger just to fit in to a group.

I work with a lot of young people and I think the next generation of military recruits could be some of the best and most humane folks to enlist since the first Great War. And they are all really good at video games and communicating, so we just need to move our military tech in that direction.


It’s nice to know that transgendered people are being treated more fairly. But I would not have minded if they instead extended the ban to apply to cisgendered people also.


Oh hell. Less than 24 hours before Trump promises to reverse this decision. (Unilaterally, with his President Pen.) Can you imagine how that will sound to trans people?


Now get the VA insurance to cover SRS and you’ll change the nature of the military.


Like some of Trump’s other statements, I suspect.


Within 90 days, he added, the Pentagon will create a guide book for commanders to help them understand how to lead transgender service members.

Does it take 90 days to decide that you just yell, “Charge!” like with any other soldier?


From Ed Wood’s Wikipedia page:

In 1942, Wood enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, just months after the Attack on Pearl Harbor. Assigned to the 2nd Defense Battalions, he reached the rank of Corporal before he was discharged. He was involved in the Battle of Tarawa, among others, and during the war, he lost his two front teeth to a Japanese soldier’s rifle butt and was shot several times in the leg by a machine gunner. Wood later claimed that he feared being wounded in battle more than he feared being killed because he wore a bra and panties under his uniform.

What a hero.


Will this have any impact on Chelsea Manning? I understand she’s being held as a man in a male prison (not just her physical body, I mean a prison facility that houses only men).


I assume that the 90 days will be used to debate about which latrine trench will they use?


That was my first thought… Hopefully this will lead to Chelsea getting treated more appropriately.


Wood was certainly an interesting character, but I don’t know if they were transgendered. My feeling has always been that inanimate objects such as clothes do not have a gender, so the idea of “cross dressing” is more a play to stereotypes than a real thing. Whatever clothes you wear automatically represent whatever gender (if any) you feel that you are. So if Wood felt that she was a woman, then she was a woman wearing women’s clothes. If he felt that he was a man, then he was a man wearing men’s clothes. It seems quite simple to me, although apparently many don’t see it that way. YMMV!


Apparently it was a maternal sort of thing with him, something to do with his mother. He was a transvestite with a taste for Angora. However, it shows a commitment to his life style that he chose to risk discovery in the army in 1940s.


I can’t recall exactly where this bit was from but:
“We’ve got to stop sending our young men to die in wars.”
“Okay, women can come too!”


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