Pff, Dynamo


So, this guy:

Seems to me like this honky is crossing the line; in pretty much every trick he does, the bystanders have to be stooges, because this bullshit has to be CGI.

I can’t have one jot of faith in a Dynamo performance like I can with a Derren Brown trick - this stuff is just flat-out lies, a gullibility test.

Surely this Dynamo bloke is stepping on a few toes, devaluing work like this?

Not to mention turning magic into a cynical TV dupe; any comeuppance in the offing, you think?


Hmmmmmm… The shots are cut so quickly, and some of the views are strangely framed/blocked by audience bodies. I call shenanigans.


I disagree. Most of those were classic tricks, presented in a new way. A few looked truly original, but nothing unprecedented.


Those filmings of Simon Pegg were made on the moon and they’re fake. Everyone knows that. Duh.


Okay, I’m no magic aficionado, but I’m pretty sure most of Dynamo’s schtick is off limits, like all that defying gravity stuff. How in the hell can someone walk down the side of a building without any visible means of support? It’s not happening.

And all that shit with the bottles? Come on… a ringing phone inside a bottle? That’s nuts.


I think the bottle bit was a pickpocket trick. His original phone was replaced with a fake and it looks like that guy with the glasses behind him handed him the bottle with the phone in it.

Lots of fast cuts in there though, I bet we’re missing some of the action to make things look spiffier!


Yeah, that’s it - the folks who do this properly know they have to take pains to make video credible, but these jokers behind Dynamo don’t even go there, presumably to avoid triggering that question.


Agree. The Matrix trick could be a classic magic trick, but the water freezing and the fish bucket are totally bogus CG. This guy would never be able to perform them live.


Maybe you should submit these videos to the youtube “Captain Disillusion” channel?


Did you consider the possibility of invisible means of support? Strong wires, for example? And is it just possible there’s something funny about either the phone or the bottle? Magicians have been sticking stuff in bottles for centuries, I’ll bet there are ten ways to do it.

And that fish bucket? Almost as impossible as pulling doves out of a top hat. Sorcery!


Agreed. Dynamo is a hack and relies on actors, camera tricks, editing and scripts. He’s an an actor playing the role of a magician.


You mean it isn’t magic?


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