Pharma company offers $1/dose version of hedge-fund douchenozzle's drug

Trump/Douchenozzle! Would look great on a bumper sticker!!!


As pretty much every other angle of this has been commented on to death, here and elsewhere…

It’s rather odd to hear toxoplasmosis described as “rare”… it’s around 50% of the global population (25% in the US)

That high? That seems crazy to me. The only time I’ve ever heard toxoplasmosis even discussed (here in Canadia) is either in relation to AIDS treatment, or in relation to cat shit (ie - don’t let your little kids play with cat shit, as if one needed a reason other than “it’s cat shit”). But then, I guess, looking it up it seems that it doesn’t really affect adults with strong immune systems that harshly.


Doesn’t toxoplasmosis control infected individuals’ minds? Perhaps the Douchenozzle was just following the orders of his parasitic overlords.

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