Pharma company offers $1/dose version of hedge-fund douchenozzle's drug

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Well, I remember in the thread on the $750 pill people were saying, “Can’t someone else just step in and start selling them at a reasonable price?” As much as I am loathe to admit it, the market works sometimes.


At least in cases like this where the patent has expired…


I’d be very curious to find out if the douchenozzle has attempted any other “business school said it was okay” ventures. It seems to me that a hedge-fund jerk like this wouldn’t settle for just one morally and ethically bankrupt, but still totally legal scheme to increase his already ill-gotten gains. And I still say that he’s the perfect running mate for Donald Trump.

And they use a legal loophole - they don’t produce a mass-market drug but meds only for given prescriptions. See the disclaimer on the company homepage:

Imprimis’ finished compounded drug formulations do not have an FDA-approval label for recommended use. Imprimis compounded formulations are not FDA approved and may only be prescribed pursuant to a physician prescription for an individually identified patient consistent with federal and state laws governing compounded drug formulations.

And there HAVE been problems with compounding pharmacies in the past…

Recalls are business as usual in the pharmaceutic industry - without them I would believe the regulatory agency does not work as expected :slight_smile:

Apparently he’s still pissed off with Bernie Sanders for refusing his campaign donation that he tried to make in return for access.


Yes, we the people of the Earth mock you Weasel of the year, and in closing one finger & two words, Fuck You!

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Invisible hand cuts both ways, don’t it?

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The market works then?


I was one of the people that had asked about that… And the answer then was “getting FDA approval would be probitively expensive”. So this seems to be an end run around that?


I wasn’t aware of the “mixed by a pharmacy” clause in the FDA rulings.

Compounding pharmacies have also been used by states seeking drugs for lethal injections

I didn’t understand that the pill in question was just a formulation of two existing drugs that were already in the stream of commerce. I thought someone was going to have to step up and run this through FDA as an ANDA based on previous studies. Glad I was wrong. The market is freaking awesome, when the market is actually a free market.

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Well, I certainly didn’t think this would happen, but that’s because I figured this jackass raising the price to $750 a pill wouldn’t have done that if it were easy for someone else to enter the market. I mean, it would be pretty stupid, right? I guess I forgot to never overestimate the intelligence of the very rich.


Dunning-Kruger effect in full force.

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