Phil Gramm: "exploited worker" AT&T CEO "only" got $75m


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Won’t somebody please think of the rich people?


I’d love to comment with some snarky, quick-witted, remark that elicits humor and laughter in the face of intolerable deafness to the economic divide in this nation that is unsustainable…but…meh fuck it. Assholes like this need to just die off. Please…please…you are old…just die off already.


I want to know how people like him can live so long and yet have absolutely no clue what a real problem looks like.


Money. Lots and lots of sweet, sweet health-enriching money. Personally, I’m waiting for Murdoch to die. I’m hoping it’ll be as good for democracy as about 40% of a Worker’s Revolution. 0.4 Trotskys, or thereabouts (or 0.08 Bakunins, if you want to get technical).


What the actual fuck? Shitheads like this hear words uttered by their ‘enemies’ and regurgitate them in the most tone-deaf manner possible as, what? Some kind of attack on the phrase? Like trying to turn “liberal” into an epithet?


From the Oxford English Dictionary: Bigot (n.)-A person considered to adhere unreasonably or obstinately to a particular religious belief, practice, etc.

Er, Mr. Gramm, what you’re doing there is what psychologists call projection.


I do, but then I get all angry, so I stop and go to my happy place.

Have you seen THIS?
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I know, I just… cannot even imagine what it feels like to muster so much outrage at seeing a human being walk away with $75M. It’s like watching a mysterious, alien species.


Wow. If you don’t mind sharing, I would like to also go to your happy place. it looks very happy indeed!


When Phil Gramm or a friend of Phil Gramm gets paid only $75m it’s a tragedy, when you get thrown off welfare it’s comedy.


I could’ve gone the rest of the day (or for that matter, this decade) without seeing, hearing, or thinking about William Phucking Gramm.


Now that is a happy place, mind if I stay for a bit?


Idiots like Gramm are constantly confusing the terms “successful” and “rich”. The two aren’t the same thing.


The rich and powerful do reproduce you know. Just at a lower rate.


“Bigotry against the successful”, I keep turning that over and over in my mind.

The guy got many millions of dollars, but Gramm thinks he is being discriminated against because he should have gotten many more millions. . . .

Is there an actual metric for how much compensation a retiring CEO should receive? We all know what a reasonable tip should be for your waitress/waiter after a good meal and good service, and we all know that bad service should be tipped less or not at all, so how does one measure what the CEO of AT&T should get when he’s done his job? Should it be relative to how well he has helped the company or not? (And remember: these guys often get huge bonuses even when they ruin the company.)

If $75 million is not enough, then how do I know that $112 million IS enough? Is $200 million OK, or is that discrimination because he could have gotten twice that?


Whitacre is bad enough, but the real target for the villagers’ pitchforks should be Gramm; He is the one who spearheaded the repeal of Glass-Stegall, thus paving the way for casino capitalism and Too Big To Fail banks.


As Vir Cotto said to Mr. Morden:

“I’d like to live just long enough to see you head of a pike, as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I’d look up at your lifeless eye and wave at them like this…”


Could…could I please be exploited? Just a little?


Just once instead of a golden parachute these people got golden showers.