Philip Seymour Hoffman, R.I.P




What a shame.


Agreed. He was a fantastic actor.


What a shame, and a waste. Addiction, it ain’t no joke. Very sad.


Hollywood just got dumber


Did he overdose or drink himself to death, or something?


Horrible. Definitely one of the great actors of our time.


Early reports are drug overdose. :frowning:


I know that taking a “celebrity’s” dead to heart so much is not very healthy… but I’m geniunly in some minor shock right now. Only 46. Fuck, The man was a genius.


he gave a lot of joy to those who watched his performances, though is it necessary for every news outlet to point out how he died. it seriously mars his accomplishments as an actor and shits all over him as a person.


I think he was representative of the type of movie and theater actor who truly was an artist, a great artist. And while I might not mourn the loss of many celebrities to any great degree, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mourning the loss of a great artist. I happen to think art is one of the nobler creations of the human species.


It doesn’t mar his acting in any way whatsoever. He had personal issues, he was harming himself. That doesn’t detract nor make him a terrible person or actor.


I think they are referencing the fact that the Post is reporting that he died of a heroin overdose, with a needle literally in his arm. Although I think the coroners office is giving the official cause of death as an overdose, but they are mum about the condition he was found in, I’m sure.


Huge loss. I’m deeply saddened.


Maybe. But you’re still an asshole for bringing that up now, when his body (literally, probably) isn’t even cold yet.
It doesn’t matter how he died - the man’s death is a fucking tragedy.


See Synecdoche, New York. Available as a stream on Netflix (at least when I saw it). A masterpiece that bends your mind.


I think you’re assholing the wrong person - shd be TWX not IMB?


Thanks. Plus, “Assholing” someone is truly a funny turn of phrase.


I’m with you on the celebrity thing but I admit when I just pulled this up I actually sighed “Jeessus Christ” out loud.


Ugh, yeah, you’re right. Sorry, IMB.