Philomena Cunk on Shakespeare


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William Shakespeare is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.


About time old whatsisface got some recognition :wink:


Philomena, be my Valentine!


Ah, someone who went to “good schools” making fun of the less fortunate. The British are so good at that.


Now, let’s be fair; at least she’s not pretending to be Irish.


I love a bit of cunk. There’s another one about christmas as well if you can find it.



Cunk is a commentary on the talking head so popular in British news.


For all the interviewees, “You get double the fee if you keep a straight face.”


I’ve heard a couple of interviews with her where she says they’re not told what she’s about but some interviewees are aware of her beforehand and play along. It allows for some informative exchanges though…



“Do you learn just the famous bits, to be or not to be, or all the bits inbetween?”
“No no, we learn all the bits inbetween.”
“No, I know it’s a lot…”


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