Phoenix TSA makes breast cancer survivors remove their prostheses

Or clothes!

If the search don’t fit you must acquit!

Truly infuriating … as usual whenever news about TSA treatment comes up. As far as I can tell, almost no one wants these things to happen. Almost no one wants even a well-behaved version of the TSA we have right now. Since we supposedly exist in a democracy (or a democratic republic), can’t we take a poll of the entire population, find out that more than 50% of us hate this shit, and put an end to the TSA?

ETA: If you haven’t read the full article, please do. Their treatment of folks who use wheelchairs and folks who need insulin is pretty shocking and I wasn’t aware of it.

Can we PLEASE get rid of these Keystone Kops? We spend $7.91 billion a year on theses schmucks.

The only downside of that is unleashing a large number of people into the unskilled work force, which is already taxed.

At least the Keystone Cops were entertaining

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You might be surprised/disappointed at the result of that poll. This survey from last summer indicates that 54% rate the TSA as “excellent” or “good” at handling security:

Anecdotally, I went to a funeral in a small town in the mid-Atlantic right after the NSA spying stories started to break, and the discussion was dominated by the sentiment expressed by one gentleman, who said, “I don’t care what they do if they stop terrorism. I’m not doing anything wrong, so they can listen to me all they want.” I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a pretty common viewpoint about what’s being sold as anti-terrorism measures.

It’s the next best thing to being a cop, including pensions.

That kind of lax security has unfortunately led to numerous terrorist incidents… oops forgot the NOT

I feel like SeaTac is usually pretty friendly (I’ve been through security there probably 9 times this year alone). The agents generally have a sense of humor, anyway. I only had one bad experience there, escorting an unaccompanied minor, and they sent us to the complete opposite end of the airport from our gate to go through security.

That would be one hell of a place to hide a bomb.

Arizona. Nuff said.

When our family travels, they always send my daughter and me through the metal detector, but they send my husband to the scanner every time. He opts out.

They don’t offer the alternative, you have to request it by opting out.

I stand sadly corrected. :frowning: (Sorry for the bump of the nearly dead topic. Felt it was important to acknowledge my wrongness. :wink: )

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