Photo Graphy


I found an old photo that I like, probably the only one I’ve ever taken that I reckoned was any good and whilst I was thinking of an excuse to post it somewhere I thought, why not a game?

Dear peeps, a game why not?

So, if you could only enter one photo that you took with your own hands… well, your own camera operated by your own hands, into this here game, which one would it be?

Show us.

By entering that photo.

Into this game.

[Unlike other gamesmasters I will allow discussion of the photos within the bounds of this game thread if you like. The only rule is that you can only post one photo. And it has to be one of your own… so that’s two rules. Third rule: not too much effects stuff. Brightness and contrast, maybe some colour balance. OK, well, edge detection is fine too (the only copy I can find of mine has these and I can’t be arsed balancing the original again, so, obviously investing a lot of time into this :slightly_smiling:).

The winner will be declared by a ray of light breaking through the clouds above your head and anointing you with holy illumination that simultaneously wells up from the deepest, depthiest depths of your being and fills you with the secret, occult knowledge that you won the thing. If this happens to more than one person then a sudden death fight to the death will be used to determine the real winner.]

Have at ye.

Oh, and remember, BBS does weird stuff to photos. It might not look its absolute best.

MOAR Photo Graphy (FX aloud)

My entry :wink:


(There was no post-processing of this image.)



My entry:




This was one I was quite pleased with.


Here’s my real entry. It’s titled, “Honey, I think we have a stalker.”


I did stitch this together from individual images, but it’s minimally manipulated otherwise.


This is a very hard game, though I always liked this one.


Straight-up iPhone 5S shot, no effects, deemed acceptable by the publishing gods.


Wow. That’s a fantastic photo.




Not my best, but one of my favorites.



Not my favorite photo, but it is probably my favorite sunset – processing is whatever google does when it uploads the photos to picasa…




I used to be all meditative and tripod-based. Now I grab odd things with my phone, and I enjoy it.


He ain’t heavy he’s my savior.


Hey cool. Is that Paine Field or Boeing Field? And how did you get lucky enough to be able to bring a camera?