MOAR Photo Graphy (FX aloud)


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Post a picture or pictures (be reasonable - we’re flag happy) THAT YOU TOOK YOURSELF.

FX processing is acceptable. If it was good enough for Ansel Adams, it’s good enough for me.



Not a lot of processing. Some filter was applied as it was taken, but that just cyanned the colors a bit.

I’ve always liked blurry, low-light conditions.


Vignette is maybe not the fanciest effect, more effort for the art-model pirate suits than it might seem.


I was so, so happy this came out.


At the Japanese garden in San Francisco - I think that I was playing with HDR on my phone.

  • Scratches head
  • Looks at collection of old Nikkor lenses



might be some crappy digital removal of a crane with ms paint…


There’s an old one for stuff that you saw and photo’d today…




I like to park my butt off shore where the waves are starting to break and snap shots with my basic waterproof point-n-shoot…

I just start snapping when they get close – the one above is probably ~4-5 feet above me.
The ones right after look like this:

Night ones with flash are fun (until a couple comes by and tells your wife that a school of hammerheads was right in front of ya)


Those are really cool - that first one came out beautifully!


I was on a moon kick for a while.
HDR full moon

Clouds and moon with a bit of level tweaking - getting the exposure right to get the bright moon and the clouds is a massive pain





Not well framed, but I liked how the old GPO (Government Publishing Office) building (GPO’s been at that location since the 1860s) lined up in the glass of the new construction.


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