Photo of a man with a peg leg, a monkey, and a parrot


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Where was the photo taken Mark? I’m sure one of the locals could get a better picture of it or tell you more about it…a quick google search only provided mediocre results.


i dont know how you could classify this picture as mediocre


what’s up with that kid’s right foot?


it looks like some mad old french orientalist painting but with a white boy in the role of the odalisque


get you a polarizing filter, mark, for shooting through glass. improves most brightly-lit scenes, too.


Wonder what he did for a living.




I mentally put a comma before “wearing clothes” and was confused for a moment.


I hope somebody figures it out. My google kung-fu has turned up nothing.


“Is this some kind of joke?”

  • the bartender


Well, the monkey is missing (because he does not have a la-senss):


No luck here either! But I have to admit, after I got to this photo I felt like the job was done.


The only thing missing, is a torrent server running in the background!


I 'shopped the photo as well as I could and Google Image searched for it with no luck, then searched for it + the words “monkey parrot” and got these results. Not the photo you’re looking for but nothing boring.

Good luck!


Tentacle foot rather than a peg leg?


Ah, that’s the monkey’s tail. You can’t see his foot.


Better picture maybe, but I doubt this person was actually photographed in Hawaii (we don’t have monkeys here) so “locals” aren’t going to be much help.


Was it not for sale where you photographed it?


Better make sure you get it from a legitimate source if you plan to reproduce it. You wouldn’t want people thinking you endorse any kind of piracy.