Photo of Lebanese journalist kissing Jewish sweetheart becomes #JewsandArabsRefuseToBeEnemies




Any chance we get a picture of Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu kissing?


Sexual Tension Between Arafat, Sharon Reaches Breaking Point | The Onion - America’s Finest News Source

Didn’t Arafat make a move to give him a kiss during negotiations in Washington DC? (Edit: probably thinking of Rabin)


come on photoshopers, make this happen!


That is so sweet! Seems crazy that it would have any effect at all (short of their families yelling at them for betraying their Kind, or something), but bless them for doing something loving and constructive.


You’re in luck, an ad campaign already did that one. No tongue, though.


It’s sad to think how many people would happily kill this couple.


Well, maybe angrily kill them, but the point stands.


hooray! thank you Xeni for the ABSOLUTE BEST thing I have seen about all this. we all need more love and humanity thank you for this moment of beauty! :smiley:


I’m of Palestinian descent and I just started dating a Jewish girl around the time this latest Gaza mess started. I was just texting her when I saw this.


Xeni - why describe one person by country (Lebanese) and the other by religion (Jewish)?


Since the couple in the photo is romantically involved, the odds are very high that she is not a practicing Muslim, nor he a practicing Jew.

Multiply this by a billion or so across the ME, and yes, you do get peace.


No, make it happen in real life. :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“lolipop_jones, post:14, topic:37626, full:true”]
Multiply this by a billion or so across the ME, and yes, you do get peace.

This is one of those unfortunately incorrect outsider opinions made by people obviously far wiser than us, if only we would all become exactly like them. Religious Jews and Muslims obviously can’t be excluded from the solution and there is nothing in either religion precluding peace, it is simply a matter of swallowing a dream of ethnic purity.


Jews are a people whether or not the practice Judaism as a religion.


Good question, especially since as the daughter of a white American man (and a Lebanese woman?), she’s a Lebanese-American, only half Arab, and probably(?) Christian.



Jews and Muslims have historically been able to get along, this is an ethnic/displacement conflict, not a religious one. People who mischaracterize it as such are missing entirely what’s been going on since before 1948.


now shop in the sign


Spent a very stressed yesterday getting my daughter flown out of Tel Aviv safely. Thanks for the unicorn chaser @xeni .


The same goes for atheists.