IDF soldiers using selfies from Gaza on Tinder

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Given how selfies from IDF soldiers are otherwise being used, this is relatively benign, in that it’s just normalizing genocide…


On top of the horrifically bad taste and appalling level of callousness, I’d also say taking some sexy snaps in what is or was very recently an active combat zone shows pretty poor troop discipline. Complacency is a good way to get shot or blown up.


It’s almost as if it’s not actually an active combat zone, because only one side has an army there. :unamused:


I’m a little puzzled by the focus on ‘normalization’; given that the people involved are pretty normal(widespread compulsory military service and activating the pool of reservists will do that); and (as best I can tell) ‘violence’ is normalized in the context of the stuff done under the color of military instructions by soldiers. Even when a specific incident is egregious enough that internal discipline kicks in and someone gets punished by their own command their conduct is normally treated as particularly reprehensible both because it’s wrong and because it’s a deviation from the implied or explicitly invoked standards allegedly being adhered to by the rest of the army.

I absolutely don’t mean to imply any support for the IDF’s work in Gaza; I’m just puzzled by the specifics of the reaction.

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It’s a war crime. Parading around and celebrating the destruction that one has done to civilians is a war crime. :woman_shrugging: Having RULES about what can and can’t be done in a war is a step towards eliminating war altogether. That SHOULD be a goal, eliminating war. It’s a violent impulse created by those in power to retain power. If we accept that this kind of thing is acceptable, well, then, isn’t genocide as an outcome of war acceptable? Mass slaughter of women and children? Humiliations of the “evil” people without weapons?

The end goal of having rules around conduct during a war is to eventually make the whole concept unthinkable altogether. If we can do the bare minimum of not humiliating civilians of the “other side” than we can get to a place where ALL war is entirely unthinkable.


one can HOPE that smart women will pull a Bumble and look for evidence of war crimes.

Cause 1) we know they’re happening and 2) just like the Jan 6 traitors, they’re going to be dumb enough to think everyone is good with it

You know how IDF soldiers are posting on the socials with footage of Palestinian prisoners?

That is, of itself, a war crime.

Just saying.

(Yes, Hamas did it too. That makes Hamas also War Criminals. Yes I condemn Hamas, can we move on to the other stuff that’s also happening?)


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