This viral photo contains female breasts and hate speech. Guess why Facebook censored it?


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I am not a native german speaker, but doesn’t “Kanaken” translate to something a lot more derogatory than simply “Turk” ?


Yes, I also wanted to post this a a public service announcement: Turk in German is Türke, the word Kanake is very derogatory and shouldn’t be used at all.


What man?


The worst cuss word I know in German is Schweinhund.


works especially well for grammar nazis


If it’s filth you’re looking for, the classics rarely disappoint:


I think a big part of this is due to the fact that the people who review reported posts on Facebook are poorly paid people working in shoddy, cramped call centre environments in South and East Asia, and there is a certain level of language barrier there. It’s easy to determine if a photo contains nudity or not, but if you’re not up on all the subtleties and nuances of the language in question (whether it be English, or German, or whatever), it can be hard to determine if something actually contains hate speech or not. Also, it’s hard to codify “hate speech” into an easy-to-digest listicle for the minimal training that these people probably get (also, I can imagine very few jobs that would be worse than having to sift through reported posts on Facebook, all day long, every day)


Both the WaPo and Tagesspiegel are (more or less) serious and respected newspapers - and the usage of the photo shows nicely the different cultural norms.

(not sure why the Tagesspiegel displays only half of the image, I think it’s caused by an inflexible CMS)


I was also going to comment that this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in Germany. Does German Facebook ban boobs? In my High School German class we had subscriptions to Stern and Bunte (IIRC) which were sort of like People Magazine. German pop culture. There were boobs everywhere. I am not sure how out teacher got away with that…

I also remember some horrible articles about this horse race/obstacle thing where they had pics of horses snapping their legs in two and one on heroin addicts including a guy shooting up in his ball sack.


I’m pretty sure Facebook’s policies are sitewide, and not country specific.


Facebook argues that it’s a US company with a marketing subsidiary in Ireland. Only US laws and values are enforced.


Wasn’t sure if there was a or something that was different.


The man in the photo failing to have his moobs and nipples exposed is a missed opportunity.


As it should be!! MURICA!!!



at least I’m pretty sure they are.


Dirty socks turn me off, yucky.


SO, as I understand this, all we have to do is to automatically attach busty substances to any hate speech and we’re all set, right?



Indeed, sir!


Look, I am a German and I assure you, “Kanaken” is not related to Jews at all!
It’s an old derogatory word for Mediterranean foreigners (mostly Turks).

He also spelled “kauft” incorrectly, mocking the below-average education and intelligence of racists.

By the way, in Germany it’s worse to hide those fantastic boobs than to show them! :wink: