This viral photo contains female breasts and hate speech. Guess why Facebook censored it?

This is one of those occasions when you notice how strange it is to live in a second class culture in a globalized world. All the big names among social networks are American and ignore non-American norms as far as possible. Local options exist, but they are mostly minor provincial copycats and because social networks are poster children for, well, network effects they are not real alternatives. So nowadays certain aspects of our lives are ruled by the laws and attitudes of people half a world away.


So you’re saying that you for one do not welcome your neoliberal American overlords?


Nice tits.

Thank you, but actually they’re boobies.

(Tits are smaller.)


Thank for my chuckles! Good on you sir.

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Does facebook actually have some optical DNA tester which enables them to know from photos which breasts are female, and which aren’t? I am skeptical.

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No one claimed this, but “kauft nicht bei Kanaken” cites the Nazi propaganda.

Germans! Defend yourselves! Do not buy from Jews!


Have ryou read Gaius Petronious? It’s basically porn.

Yeah, those glasses do look fake. Dang hipsters!


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Breast cancer awareness campaign censored by Facebook

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