Muslim-American uses Tinder to talk about Islam, facts end up being effective pickup lines


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Dawn’s message looks like a typical scammer message.


The second one is a bot :frowning:


I got the same message…a dozen times. I wonder why Tinder doesn’t just filter out messages like this that are obvious lazy chatbots.

Ha ha shows how much you know. Dawn and I are now totally dating on line.


That two-timing hussy! She said she was only interested in my credit card number!


Wait. Are talking about Dawn-from-Canada? She’s my girlfriend!

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Dawn from Canada? That my brother’s gir;friend… are… are you my brother?


I think what made this a success was because he wasn’t “want to see my wang”… or “let me see your tits” and then calling the women names when they say no or are pissed off at him…


Maybe so, but I’ll tell you, I find proselytizing even more creepy than grotesque come-ons. I mean, it’s Tinder, so there’s a pretty good chance the person on the other end is trying to get laid. But if I was on Tinder and someone said, “Hey, I’d like to tell you about our savior, Jesus Christ,” I’d be turning off my geographic locator immediately.

(I’m not on Tinder, so possibly I’m just not the target audience for the sexiness of Islam)


Is this proselytizing, or informing about something about which there is rampant mis-information?

Do you (Humbabella-you, not generic) proselytize an anti-gamergate perspective?

Dot tumblr dot com


Goes and looks at again.


When I read about it here in an article it looks like trying to address rampant misinformation. I think if I were trying to hook up and saw it on my smartphone it would look quite different since I wouldn’t have the wider context.

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It occurs to me that “What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘Islam’?” is a phrase rather unlikely to segue into some terrible excuse for innuendo (e.g. “Do you have pet insurance?”).

It sort of makes me wonder if there are other people who have tried a similar facts-as-effective-pick-up-lines approach. But then, of course there are – it’s just that there’s no reason anyone would bother to write about them when there are so many much more awful people to write about.

Oh yeah, but he’s not proselytizing, or it doesn’t seem to be so. He mainly just seems to be talking about facts about Muslims.

That’s true too!

Appearing at the Point with the Kominas, with special guests Vote Hezbollah! $5 Taqwacore night!


I have this game I play with my friends. I call it “Instant Band Name” where we call out random phrases in our casual conversation that would in fact, make a great band name. Best one I can remember so far is, “Curious with Cucumbers.”

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We do that too. I should start keeping a list. I’ve forgotten more than a I remember… Digital Shatner and the Uncredited Don Cheadle are still my favorites that we sort of always mention in our house.

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I love those guys! Cattywumpus is so great on the electric slide guitar.

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No, two bands! They are too bands… :wink: