Sanders campaigners kicked off Tinder


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it’s a swipe-rightwing plot!



Tinder users are used to feeling a less comfortable burn that requires a special cream from the pharmacy. Wrong target, they are more interested in erections then elections.


I wish it were over in 4 hours.


Those “democratic” “large formal gatherings for social dancing” blue balls last so long everyone is aching by the end and just waiting to be released. :slightly_smiling:

(oh and your swipe right-wing comment had me laughing :+1: thanks! )


I know that almost anything goes in US election campaigns, but isn’t this plain old spam?


“…and I would kind of explain,…”

Ugh. That’s not the sort of messaging that Sanders needs. But at least her heart is in the right place? Or the left place? Sort of. I think. Tinder?


". . . and a couple guys responded ‘cowicide, is that you?’ "


“Mom! Mom! A girl talked to me today! She was really nice - and pretty! No, not as pretty as you. She said if I voted for Sanders she would be my friend.”


I would think this was the way to get people to vote against someone.

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