Woman reads Trump campaign's unhinged tweets

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I approve of this message.


I know TikTok is problematic, but the content creator should be credited, not some random Twitter user who screencapped their video: tiktok dot com slash at fishie.fish


More please


Sounds like they’re trying to weed out the fake phone numbers they received from all the K-Pop fans. No reply when ERIC TRUMP HIMSELF texts you personally? Probably a fake number. She should reply back with a “k” just so the campaign knows to keep spending their resources on her.


I signed up for the campaign’s emails probably about a year ago - just so I could keep up on what kinds of things they’re talking about. I noticed a marked increase in volume a few weeks back. Things really started heating up just before the end of June, presumably trying to maximize donations before the end of the quarter. The messages were getting increasingly unhinged throughout all of June, though. They are in full panic mode.


“You’ve been chosen completely at random for this exclusive FREE offer that definitely wasn’t sent to every single person who signed up for our mailing list because we really overstocked the signs and apparently have much less support than expected, possibly because our base is on ventilators at the overcapacity hospitals…”


:pensive:I miss Sam Kinison:


“We’re down to the last 19 and really need the garage space back for Melania’s wardrobe overflow!!!”


If you signed up for the rally the same way she did (I did), you also get “surveys”, with questions like these:


It’s like they raided “The Colbert Report” for material.


OK, I laughed too.

I signed up for one of those “official” Trump approval surveys, which of course gave him the very reasonable approval of 93%, but it was really just a pitch for donations (from the guy who claimed he wouldn’t need outside money because he was filthy rich), and a constant stream of emails every day just like her texts.


Do you get declared an unperson if you only think his address was good?

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Holy hell, that shows the real level of delusion these people actually live in.

It’s like a cartoon, except I can’t laugh

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Well, it’s obviously not a poll or survey. They use it to prioritize you for donations and solicitations. If you are obviously anti-Trump (and tell them) you’re doing them a favor: you’re helping them straighten out their database after those naughty KPop people messed it all up.


For once I was not underwhelmed by the “dramatic readings” description. Well done.


My mom gets some emails from various Democrats, and that bit was actually quite familiar - it’s part of their guilt trip to get people to do something. “Hey, all these people sent you messages and you haven’t responded [sent money], don’t you care about X?!”

I’ve been seeing the official Republican party mailings for a couple years now, and what struck me was that they were all fucking nuts. (I.e. of the “The evil Democrats want to do [wild, insane lie], will you help us stop them?”. variety.) I hate to think of what the emails must be like now.

Honestly I’d be surprised if the form even sends them any information at all.

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Don’t you hate it when you get kombucha in your nostrils.

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The Trump campaign has been doing ridiculous “surveys” like this for years, long before the K-Pop people started requesting rally tickets. I assume it’s primarily intended as a way to boost engagement with the basest of their base, although I suppose it may also serve to help keep their database clean.

I’ve gotten e-mails with pitches and surveys from Democratic candidates that are also over-the-top (“Donald Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and taken money from foreign governments. We need to impeach this dangerous president. Do you agree?”), but nothing anywhere close to as unhinged and cult-like as the Trump “surveys.”

Okay, but the difference is everything in that sentence is true.


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