Trump fundraising

Let’s hope so but don’t be too confident. We need to get out and vote. Attempts at voter suppression need to be met with increased resolve to be heard. I will keep posting selections from my many emails from Trump and his cult.


Have you seen the line-up for the Democrat Convention tonight?

Just when I thought this pathetic event couldn’t get more CORRUPT, they decide to bring in CROOKED Hillary, Crazy Nancy, Pocahontas, Phony Kamala, and Lyin’ Obama all in ONE NIGHT.

All of these Radical Democrats HATE me and they HATE YOU, Jack. They would love nothing more than to see us FAIL, which is why it’s going to take all hands on deck to make sure that never happens.

I’m calling on YOU to step up and join the 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force I cannot stress enough how vital your support is right now.

This is our chance to show them that the SILENT MAJORITY will reign.

This is so important that I’ve ACTIVATED a 600%-MATCH on your contribution when you join the Task Force.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT TODAY to join our 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force and your gift will be instantly 600%-MATCHED. >>

This is a big night for the Democrats. They’ve brought out all of their MOST RADICAL SOCIALISTS to attack me and my administration. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for FOUR YEARS, and I need to know that I can count on YOU to defend me, Jack.

I’ve requested to see a list of EVERY Patriot who joins the 2020 Presidential Defense Task Force today. You’ve never let me down before, and I know you won’t start now.


I… Is that real?


Yes, it is absolutely real. Forwarding some of the messages of the cult is a way to show that they are unhinged liars who will stop at nothing to ensure the continued reign of their orange messiah.


Fuck me. I mean, I knew they were nuts, but that is beyond parody. Wow.


Trump has killed more Americans in 6 months than every terrorist, mass murderer, serial killer and enemy combatant has in 45 years. Anyone who supports that incompetent, can go fuck themselves with a steel pineapple. MAGAts are nuts.


Poe’s Law Violation. You were almost indistinguishable from real wingnuts


My hope is that this no-talent ass clown loses the popular and electoral college vote in a landslide, leaves office on 1/20 in disgrace, and drops dead from a fuckin’ heart attack on 1/21. We’re not getting rid of him until he shuffles off the coil, so the window between conceding that he lost, actually leaving, and shutting his fucking mouth for good due to painful natural causes needs to be as short as possible.




Sorry if I’m late here, but that’s a real email you received from the Trump campaign??? It just seems like a greatest hits of all his nonsense temper tantrums, I can’t believe any adult sees pride in this


This is clipped from a real email from Donald J. Trump. I will keep posting them occasionally to remind people that the cult is real and will be out in full force in November. I get anywhere from 8-10 similar emails a day from Trump, Trump Jr, Pence and an assortment of other campaign officials.

Biden doesn’t own the election and staying home on Election Day is not an option. Voter suppression and intimidation has to be a motivator for those of us trying to unseat a wannabe dictator.


I’m torn between that and him living to 108 in prison – with major painful disabilities from COVID19.

ETA: I wish some public minded civil servant would leak them.


Yup. In solitary, with his only point of contact being a phone call with a recording from Angela Merkel patiently explaining to him why he’s there.


A friend posted that they got the same thing. Terrifyingly real.


Can confirm. Folks love to sign the BB email addresses up to all sorts of shit, including GOP mailing lists. They really do look like this.

The ones that really get me are the ones that are almost bullying - they say stuff like

“Mr. XYZ: Total donations this quarter $0. When are you going to do your part? Will you be the reason the President fails?”

They’re literally bullying these folks into paying up.


When have these motherfuckers remained “silent” about ANYTHING?


That link goes to the EFF. Someone’s counter trolling?


That would be me, making sure the example doesn’t actually drive traffic to the trump campaign.



I can be so clueless sometimes!


A friend of the grandson’s gets re-elect emails. Last week, it said the president personally chose this guy to be a Founding Patriot or some such nonsense because of his support so far. Really? A 19-yr-old anarchist has shown support beyond supplying an email address for lulz? Sigh.


What did you ever do to deserve such adulation?