Be heard! Take Trump's 'Mainstream Media Accountability' survey

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I’m not sure I can finish this survey.


Double check that site - it’s a site for his 2020 presidential campaign not an administration site. He’s started his 2020 election campaign already (in fact I don’t think he ever stopped his 2016 campaign - he’s just going to keep campaigning right until 2020). It’s a site to harvest e-mail addresses and other information from suckers for his next presidential run (and since the RNC’s branding is all over it, and they’re asking for your zip code, probably also for various RNC related election projects). Taking that quiz is pretty much asking for them to send you solicitations for campaign funds for the next million years. And if you answer the questions in the “right” way you likely signal yourself as an obvious mark who can be easily convinced to hand over your wallet if they put the right keywords into the e-mail solicitations they send to you.


Actually, the media are far too kind to Republicans on many of those topics, so I guess that would be doing a bad job representing them…?


Listen to this - VERY good story about the data mining and ad targeting his campaign is doing.


Wouldn’t this just be playing his game and giving his bigoted views more credence?

And anyway, a president’s opinion on freedom of the press shouldn’t be based on an opinion pole.


Was it purposely worded to be as confusing as possible?


I thought about that but selecting any of the options would send them exactly the wrong message on which option I picked.


This is just a fishing expedition to get you signed up for the campaign. I live in a conservative district and they send me these questionnaires regularly. You do better to contact your Congressman directly to tell him what you think. I’ve been contacting mine about every two weeks to voice my concerns on Medicare and SS and I think it’s had some impact on their lack of plan.


/\ This. Not to mention completing the survey asks for donations instead of showing results.

Come on guys. Get it together.


This is literally just digital push-polling with a sprinkling of JOIN US and a light data mining closer. I’m not touching this with a 10’ pole with a 20’ pole tied to the end of it.


This is a mix of collecting campaign data and also pushing for contributions (once you submit the form you’re sent to a donation page), but it was still entertaining to see them get annoyed when the opposition flooded the form.

Also, despite Rudy Giuliani’s top OpSec skills as Trump’s cyber security chief, the site got pwned yesterday:


It’s like the emails ActBlue sends out just with 200% more lies, damned lies, and (made up) statistics. I’m sure they will use anything they can to “prove” there points with the result, but mostly it’s to tell them how to better push the respondee’s buttons.

Guys, guys, you are taking this way too seriously! Go big or go low, or something like that. If you’re unable to have fun with this survey, you need some hours of personal quiet time. It has text boxes, for $DIETY’S sake.

So for starters, why waste your time and give them false expectations putting in your email address, when another one such as will work just as well?


I can’t even figure this question out.

“Do you believe that contrary to what the media says, raising taxes does not create jobs?”

How can this be a yes or no? Do I believe that raising taxes does not create jobs? Do I believe that the media is contrary to this?

It hurts me head.


I took it for the entertainment value, but be aware that it’s basically a bunch of loaded questions followed by a demand for full name and e-mail address followed by a donation request (for what? the campaign is over). It’s just the kind of BS you’d expect from this confidence artist, a way to identify gullible marks for the party (or movement – they conflate the two). In the end, the results will be whatever these liars want them to be, however and my fellow Happy Mutants respond.


Similarly, this Aussie politician seems like a winner:


My go-to throw away email address is now


I did a few surveys already, each time as Ted Cruz. So far they haven’t caught on, but I probbaly owe an apology to the unlucky bastard with the email


There was a question about whether I thought people of faith are treated unfairly by the media, I picked other and said “Yeah, Muslims get a pretty raw deal in the media.”