Photographers create backstories, aged photos of adult Garbage Pail Kids 30 years later

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I guess I was too old when these guys first came out - like 8 or 9. I never did see the appeal. They felt like fake Wacky Packages, except babies.

they are definitely wacky packs for the millennial generation. i never got into them either, but wacky packs, zomg.

Kind of disgusting. More diversity than Barbie, though.

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I liked them in the same way I like the “demotivational” posters:

They were cynically wonderful counterpoints to the Cabbage Patch Kids’ antisepticly banal goody-two-shoes-ness. I just made up a few of those words, I think. Anyway, as the GenX culture re-grind continues, maybe they’ll bring back those stretchy super hero figurines? But in a kitchy way, I suppose.


(cancelled before production started)


Holy crapsnacks, America, we were ttttthhhhhiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss close to greatness.

Sidenote, I ripped the arm off of my stretch armstrong and he bled some kind of clear green liquid all over the car. Mom was not impressed.

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