Artist Jay Lynch, of Garbage Pail Kids fame, dead at 72


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Don’t forget “Nard ‘n’ Pat”!


Weird…I was just thinking about Garbage Pail Kids last night…for like the first time in years. I was thinking of tracking the creator down and convincing them to do a special set on the new Trump Administration.


“run it through the garbage pail” An oft heard remark from my burger flipping days.


Garbage Paul Kids were absolutely the best part of second grade. The original series hit when I was in 2nd, and OH MY GOD did it rock our worlds. Which was the one that was the fly? Loved that one. And they always had two names for everyone, right? Oh man, such good times. :slight_smile:


A pail imitation of Wacky Packages.


hear hear. garbage pail kids? spare me. wacky packs were the OG of this type of thing, and he did those first.


Too soon?


Yeah, this bummed me out. I didn’t even know about the Garbage Pail kids, but Nard 'n Pat was a favorite of mine.

Oh boy, the time Nard was invisible…how embarrassing.


Topps has been putting out boutique topical sets for a while now (these are $10 EACH).

They released some around the last Coachella with Arcade Fire etc on them.


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