Find your Garbage Pail Kid name


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I didn’t need to see that…




Needs pointier ears.


Oddly it came up with Papasan.


Imagine the person who typed them all in. Meth kills!


Thanks to playground insults, I was Smelly Kelly loooong before GPKs existed.


Me too! And this was a favorite: Kelly has a belly full of smelly jelly.
I remember so earnestly denying that. Ah, the good old days :wink:


I think Great Pacific Garbage Patch would be a good one but that gives more ammo to the Cabbage Patch Kids lawsuit over copyright infringement. Also hard to draw.


“Sucked Up Stefan” and “Stretched Stefan.” (Vacuum cleaner and revolving door).

I notice that they reuse the graphics.


I want to be Barbarian Brian so badly but I know I’d be Brainy Brian at best.




If only it were true…





Full size Rob:

And my name sakes:





Man, “Dressy Jesse” is a product of its time. That shit wouldn’t fly these days and for good reason.



Nope. No match in the database.


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