Photos of famous rock bands represented by a single composite of all the band members' faces




This is funny because I have a friend whom another friend once described as all of the members of The Replacements rolled together.


Interesting that there’s almost always one recognisable face (and not necessarily the frontman - viz the Stones being all Bill Wyman, all the time -Jagger must be pissed) who shines through. Apart from Def Leppard, who collectively look like Dylan Moran, it seems.
(and Green Day, who look like Steve Strange :smiley: )


Diversity, thy name is “rock”…


And they all look like serial killers.


I wonder what the Proclaimers would look like. Or Daft Punk or Gwar.


So collectively Aerosmith is basically Charles Grodin with long hair?


My first thought, wow, composite Beatles sure look a bit like Dzhokar Tsarnaev .


Came here to say exactly this. Kind of eerie.


Most of them were recognizable to a single member of the band, usually the frontman. Green Day and AC/DC were a bit off the track. Nirvana seems to have no Krist at all.

And where the hell is Iggy?


Someone needs to composite all these composites. With any luck the result will resemble Shane MacGowan.


Each looks like a member of a cover band of one of the other bands.


Each one looks like a member of “I’m a dude.” Where’s Heart, Pat Benatar, The Pretenders… Yeah, yeah, someone is always left off “the list” but seriously, I think there’s only one woman in that whole mash-up.


The Radiohead one looks like an Ed/Colin mix.


I can’t be the only person disappointed that the pictures they used of Kiss did not include their makeup.


Yeah, I found that pretty weird. Not to mention, it makes these composites way less interesting.


Aerosmith looks like Neil Young. And the Ramones look like hell. Some things never change.


I second that Iggy, and also ask for a composited Neil Young and Crazy Horse ca. 1979 or 1969. Call it “Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere Rust Never Sleeps.”


And zero black or Asian people (not certain enough about lineups to know about Latino people?)


Not much in the way of latinos. Santana, at least, should be there.