Photos of marble quarries


Reminds me of some Edward Burtynsky photographs of quaries

One of the coolest things about the Rutland area is driving around and randomly seeing casual marble EVERYWHERE. Sure, there are churches and rich houses made out of it; that’s to be expected. But there is a perimeter wall around the old high school… made of marble slabs. Stone walkways here and there, made completely of marble. Old junky houses… with marble steps. Old junky businesses… with marble foundations. Culverts at the roadsides… lined with marble. Etc. Pretty cool if you know what you’re looking at.


This is a former quarry in the English Lake District as taken by a member of our dive club. It’s Hodge Close, fairly near Conniston.
The image is actually turned through 90 degrees, you can just see the waterline if you turn your head and squint.

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vast marble tombs left by a slowing business.

All you kids with your online banking and your telecommuting are ruining America’s great industries.

I blame the fact that all our best sculptors are using butter nowadays.


Oh sure it looks good as a statue, but just try building a grand staircase out of that stuff.

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As well they should:

‘Hoving began her project after being commissioned to write a museum catalog essay about Edward Burtynsky’s photographs of Vermont quarries. “I visited every site Burtynsky photographed with my camera, at first just taking reference photos to understand the circumstances under which he shot,” says Hoving. “I quickly became hooked on taking my own photos, trying to distance myself from Burtynsky, while at the same time paying homage to his work.”’ (original wired article)

There’s also the amazing Hope Cemetery in Barre. It’s not a well-heeled area at all, but nearly everyone from a certain time range has beautiful marble gravestones that were carved masterfully.

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Granite, rather than marble, but YES…

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