Photos of rotting WWII sea-forts




Im pretty sure they’re in Thames Estuary not the Solent:

See also:


Yes, they are in the Thames estuary. Odd mistake!

I’m hoping to visit the shivering sands forts in September :sunny:


I think one should make sure that you have a recent tetanus shot before even viewing the slideshow.


Does anyone else think of Myst when they see this?


In the Thames? Then no chance of claiming them as Sealand II, I guess.


Glad that you like my gallery. I’d highly recommend visiting the fort if you have a free Saturday.


Can some artsy fartsy type please explain why rotten old stuff is so wonderful to look at? Anything of the abandoned, haunted, bombed out variety of human habitation is just SO mesmerizing. Also, does my appreciation of such thing mean I’ll fair any better than average in the post apocalypse?


These are beautiful photos! The only fly in the ointment is that I want to see inside those lonely, rusting hulks. sigh Safety before art is best, I suppose.


@NashRambler, Are you in the UK? It’s pretty easy/safe to get there. You just need to get up rather early.


Of course! Low tide! smacks forehead Alas, I’m in Baltimore, MD, so there won’t be a quick pop-down for rusty fort exploring for me. Ours are all stone and concrete. . .


Red Sands Fort

@NashRambler, here’s a video I made last night, with a bit of internal footage. Nothing too exciting though I’m afraid.


For anyone interested in the history of British sea forts, here is a 5 minute presentation I gave about it at Ignite London a few years ago:

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