Some of the world's best-preserved shipwrecks

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shipwrecks! cool stuff!


They obviously overlooked me. :man_shrugging:


That was excellent. Thanks.

I’m semi-obsessed by the polar explorers, so I always love to see pictures and film of the Endurance. I was thrilled when it was discovered. I now have a couple of pictures of it underwater near a larger picture I have of the Endurance trapped in the ice.

The Vasa is also fascinating for me and I had the opportunity to see it when I was in Stockholm a few years ago. The three things I would recommend to anyone going to Stockholm would be Gamla Stan (Old Town), a boat ride out thru the archipelago and the Vasa.


The Steamboat Arabia was recently featured here and is highly accessible for those so inclined.


i have been doing research and a “deep dive” into a very shallow wreck off Islamorada - the US Schooner Alligator - for a limited print run of informational broadsides i am doing.
the Alligator was a part of the Navy’s anti-piracy squadron in 1821. she ran aground 4 miles east of Matecumba Key (now Islamorada) on the reef that is now known as Alligator Reef. the last remains - some ballast and some lead keel cladding - lies in the reef some 5 meters deep.
the Alligator Reef lighthouse now marks the hazardous rocky coral reef.
shipwrecks fascinate me, too. the fact that there are hundres of wrecks on the barrier reef here, some from the earliest Spanish treasure-robbing colonizer ships, laden with plundered South American gold and silver, makes it a very local inerest for a whole lot of people from all over the world. we fish along the reef drop-off where many more modern wrecks lie in water 50 - 100 meters deep for grouper and mutton snapper. dive charters take groups out to wrecks like USS Spiegel Grove several times each days.
loves me some wrecks. not cool for the captain, crew and compliment at the time, but cool for curious explorers like me.

US Schooner Alligator, 1821-1822:
Alligator Reef lighthouse:


Do they mention the SS Richard Montgomery?

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The Vasa was the high point of my visit to Sweden. (Sorry, Gripsholm lion.)


If anyone is interested Becky and David Schott have taken some of the most spectacular photos of Great Lakes shipwrecks Fine Art Prints | Liquid Productions, Inc. | Becky Kagan Schott


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