A YouTube channel that goes deep on the Titanic

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If you ever consider branching out @jlw , let me recommend the Vasa, an enormous Swedish ship that capsized for centuries into very cold still water. It is hard to credit but the metal bolts completely disintegrated while the wood held firm. When they found it, new bolts were installed, and they managed to bring it up in one piece. Unlike the Titanic, it is covered with hundreds of wooden statues.


I have gone down the Vasa rabbit hole. Also the Andrea Doria and a number of others :slight_smile:



This is interesting. Of eight sailors’ remains from the Mary Rose, three do not appear to have grown up in Britain — two were from southern Europe and one possibly from North Africa.

In 1547, the leader of the salvage team hired to recover cannon from the Mary Rose was Jacques Francis, a Black Guinean diver working for an Italian company.

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I had a few hours spare in Stockholm during a business trip a few years ago. Spent the whole afternoon in the Vasa museum. Hugely worth it.
Having seen the Mary Rose in its new museum shortly before, this was a superb follow-up and in many ways even more mind-blowing.


While this is amazing:

The use of different measuring systems on either side of the vessel caused its mass to be distributed asymmetrically, heavier to port. During construction both Swedish feet and Amsterdam feet were in use by different teams. Archaeologists have found four rulers used by the workmen who built the ship. Two were calibrated in Swedish feet, which had 12 inches, while the other two measured Amsterdam feet, which had 11 inches.

It’s also amazing we still have accidents and loss of life because we can’t agree on a standard. Five Massive Screw-ups That Wouldn't Have Happened If We All Just Used the Metric System


Raise the Titanic looks interesting but I’m more interested in the Glomar Explorer and its role in cold war espionage. Has anyone made that movie yet?


I have seen plenty of stuff on the design and use of the glomar explorer and the capture vehicle in the K-129 project. There was some recent disclosure of data around what was actually recovered.

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we watched the live bbc programme of the raising of the mary rose

There was an episode of Nova, and it looks like Azorian is a documentary about it from 2010…but I want to see a cinematic thriller

I’ll have to bookmark that channel as a rabbit hole for another time.

Related: I highly recommend one of the “Titanic sinks in real time” videos on YT. It’s haunting to watch the mighty ship being slowly claimed by the sea.



It does have a starring role in Charlie Stross’ The Jennifer Morgue.

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