Titanic II is an exact replica of the original ship, only bigger


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I’ma leave this here.

Please avoid use of words such as “is” or “will be” when discussing vaporware.


This ole’ sailor says that’s bad juju.


Decks. Buildings have floors, ships have decks.


Will they be able to flood the forward compartments for the full Titanic experience?


no no, Bicycle has decks!


Forget that. Will they be carrying a 1912 Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville in the cargo hold so horny teens will have a place to fuck?


Interestingly, they are using Bicycle construction for the ship plans:


Unless you’re in the marine corps. Barracks on land have ladders, decks, and hatches. Barracks at sea have “stairs”, “floors”, and “doors”.


What if we’re confused because we didn’t say anything about doors or the Marines?


Mark, sorry to say it, but Titanic II does not exist now and likely never will. Those aren’t “images from” the ship; they’re renderings, and they’re several years old. The guy supposedly funding the project appears to be crooked, and there has never been a concrete announcement of the commencement of construction, nor any firm evidence that there’s even a construction deal. Jalopnik tore apart the latest round of credulous media coverage:


ETA: Apologies to SteampunkBanana, who got here with the Jalopnik story way before me.


They may be only renderings, but they look spectacular. Nice Art Deco stylings here


i thought this had been thoroughly debunked?


They could combine it with the tech in the Dockwise semi-submersible heavy transport fleet for an authentic sinking recreation :wink:


You don’t name your boat Titanic II

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Not even the Natalie Merchant Marines?


Will it have an insufficient number of lifeboats, too?

I think Bruce McCall’s renderings are better:


You’d have to be one of, say, ten thousand maniacs to forget them.


Wow! Real Gerry Anderson stuff.Someone call International Rescue!


Those make me feel stirrings of delight.